Government officials said to be from the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), stormed Victory Park estate in Lagos in the early hours of today November 11th, to seal up an apartment owned by one of the residents.


Recall that in June this year, AMCON initially seized Victory Park because the owner had used the estate as a collateral for a loan despite selling off the housing units to different individuals. AMCON decided to take over the estate after he failed to pay up his loan. Read here. According to reports, some of the residents were able to reach an agreement with AMCON while others battled it out.

One of the residents of the estate took AMCON to court and according to reports, was able to secure a court judgement last week Friday barring AMCON from taking over his own apartment. He was reported to have pasted the court order in front of his house.


A resident of the estate who sent in a video to LIB, said alleged AMCON officials in company of over 50 soldiers stormed the house of the resident who took them to court and sealed off his house. 


Watch the video sent to LIB below.


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