A video of a little girl fighting for a dead turkey has warmed hearts after her mother shared it online.


In the video, the 3-year-old girl is seen in tears as she begged her mother not to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.


“Let him go home now. He wants to go home now,” the girl told her mother as the turkey, which had already been plucked and washed, was laid out in a pan.


The mother told her the turkey’s home will be in her belly. But the girl screamed “no” and kept begging her mother to free the turkey.


Little girl


“Why are you crying?” her mother asked.


And she replied: “No, you’re trying to cook him.”


She pointed at another animal outside the frame of the video and her mother said, “That’s the ham. I’m going to cook it too. That’s a pig”


But the child screamed, “No.”


The mother continued: “So say goodbye to the turkey. I’m going to cook him now.”


The girl wouldn’t have it and kept objecting until the video ended.


Watch the adorable video below.


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