Mr. Segun Obayendo, the Managing Director of Temple Group of Companies, operators of Lagos Computerized Vehicle Inspection Service (LACVIS) has won the AfriSafe Award held in Lagos.


He was recognized for his tireless efforts at improving the Health, Safety, and Environment of the African people.


Speaking after receiving the award, Mr. Obayendo dedicated the award to almighty God, all stakeholders in the transport sector in Nigeria working tirelessly to reduce carnage on the road.


Pioneer of Computerized Vehicle Inspection in Nigeria Wins Award


Mr. Obayendo is the pioneer of computerised vehicle inspection service in Nigeria.


With support from the Federal Government, State government, and the Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) across the nation, the company started in Abuja and has spread to other states of the federation.


The introduction of the computerised vehicle inspection in Nigeria has brought sanity into the issuance of Road Worthy Certificate by VIOs.


The computerised inspection process is a fully automated process which check the roadworthiness of a vehicle, old and new vehicles, using the advanced technology obtainable in developed nations of the world.


The computerized vehicle inspection process include checking of the following systems in a vehicle: braking, steering, chassis, alignment, emission testing, lighting, headlights, axle wheels, tyres, suspension, visibility etc.


Pioneer of Computerized Vehicle Inspection in Nigeria Wins Award


In Lagos, all these inspections are conducted across all LACVIS centres.


LACVIS is currently operational at 15 centres in the state. More can be found here:


For centres across Nigeria, check


You can call +2348186797195 or +2348186797195 for more information.


You can also follow us on @officiallacvis across all social media platforms.

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