Authorities have arrested two suspects for the murder of Atlanta student Alexis Crawford whose lifeless body was found in a park a week after she went missing.

Her roommate, Jordyn Jones, 21, and her boyfriend Barron Brantley, 21,  were arrested and booked on charges of malice murder over the weekend. One of the two suspects led investigators to where her body was found, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields told reporters.

According to the medical examiner, Crawford was killed by asphyxiation on October 31.

The 21-year-old Clark Atlanta University student was reported missing by her family on Nov. 1 after she failed to show up for class or to work.


Update: Roommate and her boyfriend charged in Alexis Crawford?s Death


While the motive for murder is still under investigation, Crawford reportedly filed a sex assault complaint against Brantley three days before she went missing. 

Crawford told authorities that Brantley had rubbed her shoulder and kissed her on the neck while they were drinking together, according to a police report. She also said that Brantley claimed he mistook her for his girlfriend,Jones.  


According to her, when she entered a restroom by herself after Brantley followed her to her room.  


Jones told detectives that she found Crawford locked inside the bathroom wearing only a bra, the police report states. Investigators also recovered a ‘pair of cut panties’ in the bathroom.

On the day Crawford disappeared, Police said she was active on her social media accounts and sent money to her younger sister via Cash App. Crawford also went to a nearby liquor store with Jones around 11.30pm before the two returned to their apartment at Heritage Station on McDaniel Street.

On her last communications, Crawford’s roommate told police she saw her around midnight on November 1 before going to bed, a police report said. She was not in the apartment the next morning when the roommate left for class, and the front door was locked with a deadbolt, the roommate told the police.

Crawford’s iPhone, identification and debit card were missing from the apartment. Her phone charger and keys were found inside the apartment on the end table by the couch, the police report said.

Her sister told police they last spoke around 8:44 p.m. on October 30, when Crawford asked her sister what she planned to do over the weekend. Her sister said she wasn’t doing anything and Crawford stopped responding to texts after that, her sister told the police.

Her mother told police she was in good spirits and laughing when they spoke that night. The next day, the family reported her missing.

On Friday, November 8, 2019, the body of 21-year-old Alexis Crawford, a senior at Clark Atlanta University, was found in a park in Dekalb County off of Columbia Drive in Atlanta. 

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